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  • Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic - Mirror, Mirror: Tackling Skin Issues

    Chinese herbs such as gotu kola 4 can help lighten dark spots by clearing heat and dampness, and reducing toxins and swelling. When in powder form and mixed with water, the paste can be applied directly onto blemishes.

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  • Stabilisation and characterisation of soil using ...

    2021-1-1u2002·u2002From UCS test, the results reveal that with rise in percentage of Wollastonite powder increases the peak stress up to 12.5% and then slight decrease in strength was observed. Maximum peak stress was obtained at 12.5% with an increase of 393.61% and 253.96%, respectively in soil S1 and S2 at 28 days of curing period. •.

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  • Clinical application and pharmacological mechanism of ...

    Wuling powder (WLP), first described in 'Treatise on Febrile Diseases', is a classic prescription for the treatment of water retention caused by bladder gasification.It is also widely used in the treatment of ascites. WLP is composed of Polyporus umbellatus, Alisma orientalis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos and Ramulus Cinnamomi ().The whole prescription can promote …

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  • Phellodendron Bark

    Phellodendron Bark Huang Bai Chinese Herb to Clear Heat and Dry Dampness Geo authentic herbs, sulfur free, lab tested and sourced indigenously It helps to clear heat, drying dampness, purging pathogenic fire, putting out steaming heat and detoxicating Huang Bai operates on the kidney, urinary bladder and large intestine meridians

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  • Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic - Teen Acne

    Firstly, consuming too much spicy, sweet or oily food can lead to heat and dampness accumulating in the stomach and spleen. This disrupts the normal flow of 'qi', a person's life force. 'The damp-heat moves upward and outward instead. It gets trapped at the skin surface and manifests as acne,' says Eu Yan Sang physician Anita Pee.

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  • Ginger Foot Patch High Quality 100% natural Ingredient ...

    Keep in a cool and dry place Do not take out the powder Do not apply to open wounds Keep out of reach of children Do not apply on sensitive skin with chilli allergy . Features & Benefits Relieve Pain Detoxify Body Reduce Swelling 8 Packets per box Promote Better Sleep Expel Harmful Dampness from Body 100% natural and high quality ingredients ...

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